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I never use my LJ. I guess it's because I have literally nothing going on right now. I don't work, I don't so anything. I'll be going down to Virginia for the rest of the summer in the near future. My dad and step mom live down there, so I don't really see them very much. I was supposed to go last week actually. They had driven up here and I was going to drive back down with them, but when they came to get me I had a bad anxiety attack and couldn't go. I was sick to my stomach with anxiety, and if I got in the van, I would have thrown up. So now I'll be flying down sometime soon. I couldn't fly earlier because I left my bag with my phones, keys and ID in their car and it made it's way to VA. Can't fly without ID. I got my bag in the mail yesterday.

Typing is really fucking hard when high. Shit.

I've been kind of productive in the 2 months I've been home. I rearranged my room, painted my dresser, hung hooks in various rooms, painted and hung a wood peg thing, dyed and cut my hair, made a pair of shorts, made a skirt, put a couple clay mask ideas on paper, went through my stuff and threw away a lot of junk, hung a light, hemmed my mom's shirt, baked cookies, sold books on amazon...

I guess that's not too bad. I really need to do a lot more art stuff though. I should do some clay work soon.

I've been reading more, which is good. I finished Koko, by Peter Straub and Blake House, by Adrian Savage. I started Ghost Story by Peter Straub, but lost it for a while, found it, but I haven't started reading it again. I was also reading Choir of Ill Children, I can't remember who it's by, but I lost it and can't find it. I'm currently reading Demon Night by J. Michael Straczynski. I really like it, it's leading up to something big and it's really suspenseful. It tells the story of a number of characters and how they are all tied together, and this evil thing hiding in the caves. That's a terrible description, but it's really good, I swear.

I really want to make fish tacos.

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