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Things have been absolutely crazy lately.

Found out I can't trust Matt or Bill, but I did make two new, awesome friends, Jason and Jimmy. Got super drunk Saturday and the J boys took care of me, they're really great.

I got so drunk on Saturday because my bag was stolen from me which contained me super nice Panasonic Lumix 10.1 megapixel camera which I had received as a college graduation present, and is very sentimental, my cell phone, my wallet containing money I really needed and my ID, my debit card, my meds, house keys, and various other things.

I found out today that my bag is now at the Gorham Police station, and I can call and pick it up. The camera is gonzo though :/

I'm really into natural medicine, even though I take a prescription for Cymbalta :/, and I found this great forum for learning about and talking about all sorts of natural remedies. I like to see what other people in my situation do/use/try and how that works out for them. Here is the health forum, check it out!


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