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As soon as I get home these thoughts pour out of my head. It's like you've attached a string to a cork in my mind, and when you drive off, the line gets taught and the cork pops out.
and it hurts with every heartbeat
Going home kills me, every time.

I spend days with you, and I never want it to end.  I miss you from the second I close the car door until I see you again.

It doesn't even matter what we do, as long as I'm there with you.

I'd be so happy if I got to sleep in those arms every night.

So. Happy. If.

You normally only hold me when you're drunk. Once in a while you do it other times, but only when you're drunk does it feel like something. Only when you're drunk do you stop holding back.

I wish I made you happy.

With all of my heart do I wish I made you happy.

Aug. 24th, 2009

He held my hand. He really held my hand. Yeah he was drunk, but he wouldn't have if he didn't want to.
Things have been absolutely crazy lately.

Found out I can't trust Matt or Bill, but I did make two new, awesome friends, Jason and Jimmy. Got super drunk Saturday and the J boys took care of me, they're really great.

I got so drunk on Saturday because my bag was stolen from me which contained me super nice Panasonic Lumix 10.1 megapixel camera which I had received as a college graduation present, and is very sentimental, my cell phone, my wallet containing money I really needed and my ID, my debit card, my meds, house keys, and various other things.

I found out today that my bag is now at the Gorham Police station, and I can call and pick it up. The camera is gonzo though :/

I'm really into natural medicine, even though I take a prescription for Cymbalta :/, and I found this great forum for learning about and talking about all sorts of natural remedies. I like to see what other people in my situation do/use/try and how that works out for them. Here is the health forum, check it out!

You like to rub when I'm wrong/stupid in my face. Admittedly it's frequently, but still.
Those beautiful green eyes

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